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Saturday 29th March 2014
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AE Racing 2009 - Report

Alternative Energy Racing took place for the second time at Santa Pod Raceway on April 24th 2009, and once again, there was a fantastic variety of vehicles representing both the alternative fuel and zero emissions camps.

Urban Mover
Retro Ford

On the Alternative Fuel side of things, starting with the four-wheelers, there was a selection of older VWs from Random Racing running on biodiesel and bioethanol, most of which were running strongly despite the fact that none were really designed to be on a racetrack. The pure veg-oil Skoda Fabia VRS representing Voil proved that reliable and smoke-free performance can be had from pure-veg fuel with the right mods, and Warwickshire College were getting some good times from their two biodiesel cars.  Retro Ford ran some stunning 10-second runs after a faltering start in their Mk2 Escort using bioethanol, and Monkey Motorsportz made some great runs in their biodiesel Peugeot 205s, one of which had an interesting propane/nitrous injection system.

Monkey MotorsportZ

On two wheels, Team Inzane brought along a Leverda 650 and Ducati 800 both on bioethanol, the Laverda slightly losing out to the Ducati’s bigger cubes, but both running excellent times. Motorcycle News were the real heavy-hitters however, with a virtually-stock Kawasaki ZZR1400 rider Adam Childs managed to get into the 9’s using bioethanol power, going on to take the Alternative Fuel trophy.

Motorcycle News

The Zero Emissions vehicles were a real eclectic mix of vehicles, and the most unusual of all were the electric go-kart and trike of Mills Extreme Vehicles, both of which were crossing the line at a very creditable 50mph… no mean feat when the driver’s bum was just inches off the ground. Urban Mover brought along several commercially available electric vehicles, the fastest of which was the excellent Lexola G3000SI electric scooter. Urban Mover’s power-assisted pedal bikes also impressed anyone who rode them, but the speeds on track were modest. The fastest of all the Zero Emissions vehicles was the Kingston Uni electric drag bike sponsored by Life Batt, purpose-built for the quarter-mile and therefore it was no surprise that the times dropped with every run until a highly respectable 14-second run was achieved by rider Andy Irvine. Although this didn’t better last year’s electric car time set by HVWC, it was a massive achievement for a brand-new build, and really showed the potential for electric dragsters.

Team Driver Vehicle Class Fuel 1/8ET 1/8MPH 1/4ET 1/4MPH
Motor Cycle News Kawasaki A Bioethanol 6.5752 116.77 9.9509 145.22
Retro Ford Mk2 Ford  A Bioethanol 6.781 102.05 10.6998 122.16
Team Inzane Ducati A E85 7.8808 92.3 12.1522 113.11
Team Inzane Laverda A E85 7.837 91.91 12.191 111.16
Monkey MotorsportZ Peugeot 205 A Veg Oil 9.4228 78.12 14.537 95.67
Team LiFeBATT Electric Bike Z Electric 9.8841 78.94 14.9989 92.84
Monkey MotorsportZ Peugeot 205 A Biodiesel 10.2054 69.81 15.8157 86.63
Warwickshire College Omega A Veg Oil 10.3079 66.86 16.1711 94.3
Voil Skoda A Veg Oil 10.8309 65.34 16.8828 81.21
Warwickshire College Escort A Veg Oil 11.2002 61.58 17.5901 76.5
Random Racing VW Golf A Veg Oil 11.4476 60.17 17.987 74.23
Random Racing VW LT35 Van A Veg Oil 12.679 53.18 20.0646 65.66
Monkey MotorsportZ Peugeot 205 A Biodiesel 12.3294 49.89 21.082 51.96
Mills Extreme Vehicles Go Kart Z Electric 12.9349 47.43 22.1539 49.18
Random Racing VW T4 Van A Veg Oil 14.0902 47.8 22.4724 58.18
Random Racing VW T25 Van A Bioethanol 15.4655 46.09 24.3617 54.34
Urban Mover Scooter Z Electric 18.2199 33.98 * *
Urban Mover Bicycle Z Electric 22.2088 23.91 * *
Richard Pallister BMX Z Electric 24.3731 20.42 * *

*Timed over 1/8th mile only. A = Alternative Fuel, Z = Zero Emissions

Photos of all competitors at AE Racing are on the 2009 Entry List page.

View a short film below of AE Racing 2009 courtesy of Anthony at