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Saturday 29th March 2014
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AE Racing 2010 - Report

The third running of Alternative Energy Racing took place on Friday 23 April 2010.  It proved to be a great success, not only was the sun shining beautifully all day but we also had our biggest entry yet of Zero Emission and Alternative Fuelled vehicles.  Entries from 110mph electric cars to Bioethanol bikes were present all competing to be top AE Racer of the day.


Firstly our Zero Emission entries had swelled for 2010.  Topping the time sheets was the impressive Blackcurrent Electric Beetle, driven by Sam Young, posting faster and faster times throughout the day.  The team finished up with their best ever time over a ¼ mile and breaking their own European record.  We also had team C5alive with four C5’s; some standard some modified, one driven by Dave Kilner posted 32mph - amazing considering it was only built to do 15mph!  Going even faster was a highly modified mountain bike built by team Flo Rida.  This packed so much punch that it caught rider Peter Wills out on the first run spinning the rear wheel unexpectedly leading him to drop the bike, although no damage done.  Leading the commercially available vehicles was the good looking Telsa brought by Telsa Motors UK.  This well engineered car put up a great fight against the Blackcurrent team, both running side by side many times, unfortunately just getting pipped to the line each time.  David Broom showed well in his excellent home-built Mk2 Golf electric conversion, reaching a very respectable 60mph on the quarter-mile. Similar speeds were reached by the MEV trike- a vehicle that looked deceptive and really caught everyone by surprise.


Those running on Alternative Fuel included Jim Nutt from Warwickshire College in their Vauxhall Omega running on a mix of Vegetable Oil and Bioethanol.  Throughout Jim got faster and faster with fine tuning and help from his students.  The van entries from Kooky and Random Racing both supported the field again this year; running on vegetable oil and entertaining the crowd with some close van on van action.  Leading the pack on four wheels was the Morrison’s E85 ethanol powered Mazda RX driven by Tim White - some impressive times and top speeds were posted.  Overall though the top Alternative Fuel racer was on two wheels, Andy Gilbert’s 1987 Suzuki Turbo Slingshot running on E85 ethanol proved to be very quick with every run in the 9’s.  Andy seemed delighted although he did mention that it could get into the 8’s on a good day!

The 2011 event is now being planned and we hope to build upon our success in 2010.  We endeavor to have more entries and to be supported by more manufactures.  If you’re interested in taking part please register your interest now.

Photos of all competitors at AE Racing are on the 2010 Entry List page.


Best Zero Emissions:  Sam Young, Blackcurrent Electric Beetle, best time of 11.49 seconds at 112.49 mph.

Best Alternative Fuel:  Andy Gilbert, 1987 Suzuki Turbo Slingshot on E85 ethanol, best time of 9.318 seconds at 155 mph.

Driver Car Fuel 330ET 1/8ET 1/8MPH 1/4 ET 1/4MPH
Andy Gilbert Suzuki E85 4.0285 6.0876 119.64 9.3184 152.13
Sam Young Beetle Electric 4.5558 7.1729 92.35 11.4975 112.38
Don Cochrane Tesla Electric 5.2167 8.0011 86.69 12.6447 102.89
Tim White Mazda RX7 E85 5.5509 8.444 87.33 12.963 110.28
Jim Nutt Vauxhall Omega Veg Oil 6.4985 9.9691        15.6433 85.53
Roy Pallister Robinhood 2B E85 6.4498 10.0941 66.42 16.0973 79.52
Stephen Walker VW Golf Veg Oil 7.0790 10.9553 62.82 17.2494 77.21
Ian Corbett VW T4 Veg Oil 7.1920 11.2077 60.53 17.7492 74.20
Colin Day F1 Sidecar Electric 7.6998 11.7247 59.51 18.7014 67.30
Mick Allen VW LT35 Veg Oil 7.8582 12.2864 55.22 19.4014 68.75
Stuart Mills eTrike Electric 4.6385 12.2705 56.89 19.7082 62.13
David Broom VW Golf Electric 8.6080 13.4686 50.53 21.3995 60.79
Andy Hayward VW Transporter Veg Oil 9.0464 14.2477 47.24 22.6987 57.91
Neil Baxter ZZR600 Kawasaki Electric 9.2328 14.8207 42.97 24.6108 47.14
Andy Irvine Bike Electric 9.3144 14.9369 42.41 24.811 47.03
Richard Pallister Go Kart Electric 8.8147 14.6406 40.29 25.2673 43.30
Peter Wills Bike Electric 9.9604 15.8462 39.34 27.1533 39.97
Dave Kilner C5 Electric 10.5675 17.8118 32.04 * *
Richard Pallister BMX Electric 11.9293 19.4179 31.34 * *
Colin Bike Electric 12.9674 23.4613 21.49 *
Karl Whittle C5 Electric 15.3229 26.2119 21.41 *
Richard Pallister Scooter Electric 15.7156 27.9194 18.34 *
Ray Ives C5 Electric 18.3860 **  ** ** **

*Timed over 1/8th mile only. **Timed over 330 feet only.